Theological Quagmire

March 5, 2015 highwayadmin

As Seventh day Adventists, we have been selected by God to bring to this sin sick world the truths of His Holy word; from the Sanctuary message to the 7th day Sabbath of Creation to victorious Christian living, and all the other wonderful truths to which we have been entrusted according to that Word. And yet, we are ‘spinning our tires’ in the mud of complacency and inward fighting as we vie with one another and accuse one another while proposing our own agenda and not God’s. We have become so absorbed in the desire to be acceptable to apostate Protestantism and Catholicism that we have forgotten why we are here in the first place. We strut around in our “Theological house of glass”, in an attempt to show the world how brilliant and intelligent we are in our attempt to make ourselves God and claim authority to change His Word as we see fit.A lost world is waiting for a demonstration of true primitive godliness from those who have been given the assignment from their Creator God who changes not.Pastor Dan Shafer