Avondale College and Evolution

January 25, 2015 highwayadmin

Avondale College in the South Pacific Division of Seventh day Adventists suggests that the church should put aside such antiquated notions of a literal seven-day creation week and at least tolerate the idea that life has existed and evolved on this planet for at least a couple of billion years. This was published in a recent 2015 issue of Christian Spirituality and Science by Avondale College.It’s interesting that this comes at a time when the world church is attempting to strengthen its fundamental beliefs that the literal nature of “Creation Week” becomes clear and unambiguous.Ed. 227 – “In the study of science, as generally pursued, there are dangers equally great. Evolution and its kindred errors are taught in schools of every grade, from the kindergarten to the college. Thus the study of science, which should impart a knowledge of God, is so mingled with the speculations and theories of men that it tends to infidelity.”