Solemn message to those going outside of world church policy on ordination

November 1, 2014 highwayadmin

1MCP 22“Those who know the truth are special targets. Satan is stealthily working to confuse their minds by bringing in misleading sentiments and misleading examples. Unless they repent and are converted, those who are living divided lives, professedly serving the Lord but at the same time scheming to carry out their own plans… plans which retard the very work which Christ gave His life to accomplish…will be deceived by the enemy of souls.”This statement very well addresses those who have moved ahead in rebellion against the world church; stating that they are under the delusion of the devil himself, bringing about confusion within the ranks of the believers, and creating division and retardation of the very work that we need to be focusing on… That of getting out “Present Truth” and the saving of souls for God’s kingdom.Pastor Shafer