God’s Safety Net

August 20, 2014 highwayadmin

Why is the subject of God’s Holy Law so important? Well, first of all, God gave it to us. Shouldn’t that make it of utmost importance?I call it God’s “SAFETY NET”. Let me explain:First of all, His Holy Law is a “Summary” of all truth. And according to Eccl. 12:13, it embraces the “Whole duty of man”. God’s Law encompasses His “character. Everything that He stands for is wrapped up in those 10, all-encompassing precepts. And this includes His JUSTICE & MERCY.The following experience well illustrates His justice and mercy:A few weeks ago I was pulled by the county deputy sheriff for going too fast on my way to church on Sabbath morning. Now I’ve always tried to be careful about my speed, but this particular morning, while having a 3 way conversation with my wife and a Bible student friend, I failed to notice I had picked up speed going downhill.The deputy was there waiting for me at the bottom of the hill. 67 MPH in a 55 MPH zone. Needless to say, I received a ticket. I thought I would just send in the fine of well over $100. After thinking about it, I decided I would go to traffic court on the appointed date and simply plead for mercy.When I was called up to the stand, the Judge asked, “How do you plead, Mr. Shafer?” I replied, “Guilty, your honor”. The officer then gave his account of the incident. The Judge then asked me, “Do you have anything to say, Mr. Shafer?”, to which I replied, “Your Honor, I’ve been driving 57 years and this is my 2nd citation. I want you to know that I am ashamed of my negligence and ask this court for mercy”.The Judge said: “You got your license when you turned 15, didn’t you”? “Yes Sir!”. The Judge continued: “..and without a learner’s permit, right?”. “Yes sir!”’The Judge smiled and said, “I remember those days.”Then he dropped his gavel and said: “Mr. Shafer, I find you “NOT GUILTY”, you’re free to go.”I was guilty… There was no doubt in my mind. I could not plead, “NOT GUILTY” because I knew very well that I was “GUILTY”. I never attempted to defend myself… I never tried to excuse myself… I never tried to cast blame on the arresting officer. I WAS GUILTY. The only hope I had was placing myself on the mercy of the court.Now, if it weren’t for that deputy sitting there on the highway that morning, who represented the law, I would not have had opportunity to experience the mercy of that Judge. And not have had that opportunity, I might have continued being negligent, eventually hurting myself, or hurting, or becoming a stumbling block to someone else. That Judge was my “SAFETY NET”.That’s the way it is with God’s Law. To develop a character like Jesus, we must, first of all recognize that we are “GUILTY” and in need of repentance. To admit that we are ashamed of our sinful acts. As our country started anew with freedom, in their new world, they formed the “Declaration of Independence”.However, as a newborn child of God, we must form the “Declaration of Dependence”. Dependence upon the only One who can and will be merciful to you and to me, a repentant sinner.So, yes, I think we can all agree that the Law of God is important….. Even “Imperative” to become our rule of life; to develop His character, which is represented by His Holy Precepts. The twin elements of the character of God is     “JUSTICE” & “MERCY”.And that is what makes up this thing called ‘LOVE”.When I was arraigned in court that morning, the Judge was there to mete out justice, which is necessary. My infraction could not simply be overlooked. There are always consequences to disobedience. And when we learn to reason from cause to effect, we will appreciate God’s Law even more, as it spells out so beautifully, how much He loves and cares for us. That’s the purpose of the Law.Pastor Dan Shafer