Plea to World Church

December 18, 2012 highwayadmin

December 18, 2012Dear Elder Wilson:I realize you are a very busy man, however, I do hope you will have opportunity to receive this letter. As a minister of the gospel I understand the demands upon your time. The recent events involving ordination have been very troubling to say the least. To witness your presence in both the Columbia Union and Pacific Union constituency meetings, and the manner in which you were treated must sadden the heart of our Blessed Lord. We are experiencing the “Omega” apostasy in that these leaders have decided to take God’s church into their own hands and to function independently of the world body. Now that the decision has been made and an ordination conducted at least in the Potomac Conference, I would hope that the world church would take serious measures at putting this division along with its separated conferences on correction course. I know that when I was a local pastor, if I had decided to go contrary to Bible based teachings of my church, I would no longer be allowed to remain as Pastor. I fail to understand why this is being allowed to materialize and no changes made in leadership. In my simple mind, it seems that not doing so would allow even more freedom to conduct their conferences and churches in an “Independent” fashion, totally ignoring the Church in world session; and even worse, moving forward with a process that is not, and never has been supported by Scripture.The NAD sponsored a book in 1992 called “ISSUES” in which they rebuked “Independent Ministries”, and encouraged the membership not to support them. I would wonder if this counsel still stands in light of the now “Independent” status of the NAD & its sycophant unions and conferences. My blessed Lord would not encourage me to support such ministries, and I know of many others who are of the same mind.How long will we halt between 2 opinions?I do not wish to send you long quotations from the Spirit of Prophecy or the Bible because I’m certain you are familiar with them all. This is not my intent. As one who loves God’s “Remnant” church, I am praying that the “Iceberg” will be met decisively. May God grant you the fortitude and presence of conscience to do the right thing.Your friend in Christ,
Pastor Dan Shafer