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On Monday October 9, 2017, it became obvious that the guiding hand of the Seventh day Adventist World denomination has been relegated to unbelievers as the decision making body of the world church. We find that at the helm of the denomination are a number of dissidents of our true historic faith. The ones who have been designated as our world leaders have abdicated their responsibility by demonstrating their absolute refusal to remove the enemy from the camp. They have continued to allow the enemy to take over control of the structure.The enemy of souls has been successful at infiltrating the very center of our world church operations. These calculating men and women have surrounded and handcuffed our General Conference President. They have been able to transfer world administrative authority into the hands of enemy agents.I have great respect and admiration for the world church’s president, Elder Ted Wilson. His demeanor and spirit-led composure was clearly obvious to all who were able to witness God working through this man. He demonstrated tolerance far beyond any earthly sense. Those who shamefully exemplified their childish, selfish temperaments are the very ones who are always complaining about those who adhere to the historic Adventist faith; that “they” are not tolerant of, and standing in the way of “their” programming for the church.The enemy of souls is working furiously through these unconsecrated hearts, and in so doing, they have been successful in influencing world leaders to render the General Conference of Seventh day Adventists a “meaningless” entity.I believe I can understand now more clearly what Sr. White meant when she made this statement as recorded in “Last Day events”, pg. 50….• “The voice from Battle Creek, which has been regarded as authority in counseling how the work should be done, is no longer the voice of God… It has been some years since I have considered the General Conference as the voice of God. That these men should stand in a sacred place, to be as the voice of God to the people, as we once believed the General Conference to be–that is past.”I wonder what she would write were she here today.Elder Mark Finley came to the microphone and asked how he was now to respond to “independent” ministries (so-called). Finley noted that it would be hypocritical of him to tell independent ministries not to receive tithe (non-compliance) while at the same time, the church allows non-compliance in other areas.To add insult to injury, soon after the Fall Council, the North American Division held their Year-end Meeting. A young man from Canada, Daniel Cho, introduced a motion that the NAD would bring the wayward Unions (Columbia and Pacific) into compliance with the 2015 World Church Decision through appropriate accountability measures. Or state why they are unwilling to do so.Now you would think that the Church that prides itself on its desire to listen to and respect the thoughts of our young people, would affirm that young man and respect his motion. But that isn’t what happened.The motion was seconded, but that is as far as it got. Instead, what did happen was a call for prayer. The delegates gathered in small groups for prayer as the Chairman, Dan Jackson, and others at the table whispered together in an attempt to determine how to abort this young man’s motion.Dan Jackson stated that there will be no discussion allowed on the motion from Daniel Cho.After a few minutes of discussion between the leading brethren, GC Treasurer, Juan Prestol-Puesan is recognized by the chair. He makes a motion to table this young man’s motion and it is immediately seconded.That motion, which was totally out of order, was passed 186 to 25, with 3 abstaining.What a tragedy to witness a group of delegates, supposedly asking for God’s guidance, while those at the chair were determined to carry out their rebellious plans, without interference from this young man.How’s that for boasting that we, as a church, need to hear from our young people, and that they should be more involved in the ministry of our church.This young man was massacred by the leaders of the North American Division. His motion was neutralized by the Adventist “Fifth Column”. Most disturbing to say the least.I would challenge the GYC to step up and let their voices be heard.The question needs to be asked of the General Conference: “Are you going to take the NAD, the Columbia Union, the Potomac Conference, and others of the organization to civil court for using the name “Seventh-day Adventist”?Second Question: “Are you going to continue to sue faithful historic members for using the name?”When are you going to wake up and admit the real reason why the financial report that was presented at the Fall Council reflected such a bleak picture?Many faithful SDA believers are shocked to witness the selfish, unconsecrated actions of many supposed leaders of this denomination on Monday, as they attacked our beloved church. I truly do not see how they can sleep at night.Another question; Why do we not have more of our talented ladies speaking in objection to this travesty, when they know full well the Biblical injunction concerning the issue?This goes a lot further than just “Ladies”. The vote taken in 2015 at the World Session was concerning the issues of “Ordination regardless of Gender”. The way this was worded, it clearly opens the floodgates for ordination regardless of all sorts of perversions.You’ll remember 9/11, when our country was shocked and shaken down to its very core as terrorists who had no regard for the lives of thousands of people but served a false god of violence and blind destruction attacked our country.Today, we are witnessing a well-calculated hijacking of God’s organized church by religious terrorists & supported by misguided men & women who are not necessarily religious anarchists, but who are following lock-step for the sake of change. And just like those planes of 9/11 these people are being used to destroy not only the foundational pillars of the Remnant faith, but to confuse & destroy the lives of those who adhere to the faith and truths that “Change not”.God’s last day “Remnant Church” is like an airplane, with a God-designed destination. God has given His Church moral principles & standards & guidelines to order our lives to follow the example of His Son…. just as the airlines insist we put our seat belts on to protect us… and like assigned seats, we all have our places in the church though they can change in the course of life. Some serve as flight attendants – but some are trusted to pilot the plane… And in the normal course of church life we are taught to listen and follow the directives of the pilot.Now we of course realize that the Master Pilot is Jesus…. And He has seen fit to give us ordained leadership to be used of the Spirit & using the divine blueprint, he is to make clear the direction and ultimate destination of that plane. Those pilots are our Leaders on the World level, the Division Level, the Union Level, and the local conference & local church level.And as long as these church “pilots” are trained up in God’s word and are faithful, obedient and disciplined, they can be counted as trustworthy.I’m very saddened to have to inform you, but our “plane” has been hijacked! This has not happened overnight, and neither did the events of 9/11 happen overnight. It took years of sinister planning and calculating.Actually, it’s been happening now for decades. The “gospel” of fallen Protestantism has been accepted by many Adventist leaders & filtered down to the grass roots membership.Those planes that took off on that fateful morning of 9/11 were scheduled for certain destinations…. But the flight plans were changed by individuals with sinister plans. The flight plans were altered.The flight plan of God’s  organized last day church…
1.   has been changed –
2.  the true, intended destination has been altered –
3.  a new doctrine and discipline has been introduced.
4.  The “‘Everlasting gospel” and 3 Angels’ Message” has been replaced with the gospel of apostate Protestantism and its “cheap grace”.
You and I can sit and wish and hope and trust that all is well – but it is very clear that all is not well.  The organized SDA church destination has been changed – the order has been changed – the counsels that God has given us for our own protection have been violated & outright rejected. Our church has been hijacked … and like that fateful day of 9/11 there will be great loss!The 7th day Adventist Church has been called into existence to live and to share “PRESENT TRUTH” and not change its message.(TM 69)“We see here that the men in authority are “not always” to be obeyed even tho they may profess to be teachers of bible doctrine.”What does she mean “Not Always”? When is it alright not to obey the leaders of the church?She is saying:  When those who were once the depositaries of sacred truth become unfaithful to their sacred trust, they have no authority. Where there is no truth, there is no authority.She says the Lord will choose others who would receive the bright beams of the Sun of Righteousness and would advocate truths that were not in accordance with the ideas of the religious leaders.If God’s professed people do not accomplish His will, He will raise up a group of people who will.The Adventist church structure has been “Hijacked”…. But I can assure you that God’s faithful remnant believers who stand true to duty as the needle to the pole will never be “Hijacked”.A number of years ago God led me into this wonderful movement. And in my studies I came to one exciting conclusion:  this is not just another “church”…. It is a “movement of destiny” ordained of God to be His special people at the close of this earth’s history.  I learned to love & appreciate the 3 Angels’ Message in light of “Present Truth”, and I have never diverted from this wonderful, Bible- based message.The troubles that are plaguing our beloved Church give the faithful child of God opportunity to demonstrate to the world who we really serve.  A faithful child of God, rooted & grounded in the faith in face of internal & external opposition far outweighs anything this world or the devil can throw at us.There are many who would really prefer to sit in their pews; remain silent & hope for the best. Beloved, this is a deadly mistake! There is no real peace on a plane piloted by terrorists.But let me say this to you.  I will continue to pray for our precious beloved Adventist Church. There must be decided reform and a sincere return to the faith of the true Adventist message that God has so graciously placed in our hands, trusting that we would carry it through to the end.The organization is so deeply steeped in apostasy that one wonders what it would take to bring about serious reform, or if it is even possible. Only God knows the answer to those questions. I recognize we have some good people in leadership positions in high places. This being the case, it is well past time for these individuals to stand up & be counted.Although I will continue in prayer, I cannot remain silent.I have been called of God & I will continue to fulfill that calling, by God’s grace.I long for the day when every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.I long for that day when the lion will lie down with the lamb — when there will be war no more — when we will have a new Jerusalem and a new earth — when the battle is over.And I long for God’s peace and comfort for all of us. I yearn for that peace which passes all understanding to enfold each and every one of us in our every need and trouble.I long for the courage and strength to carry on that we could all be better witnesses of God’s love and mercy to a world enslaved by sin, that we might truly carry “Present Truth” right up to the close of probation.I long for a church that isn’t afraid to stand up for God’s truth and never compromise even in the face of death and evil. I long for such a church.I realize that some will stay in their seats and remain quiet and try to obey the hijackers. I’m not called to do that. There is a time to stand, a time to sit and a time to kneel. Beloved, this is definitely not a time to sit still & remain quiet – “OUR CHURCH HAS BEEN HIJACKED”!It’s past time to continue tolerating these evil tactics of silencing fellow church members. It’s time to take our church back.  “Let’s Roll”.The church is the apple of His eye. Shall I remain silent while she is being attacked from every theological and principled direction possible? To do so would be unconscionable.Christ Triumphant” 181 – “Nehemiah was chosen by God because he was willing to cooperate with God as a restorer. . . . He would not be led and corrupted by the devices of unprincipled men who had been hired to do an evil work. He would not allow them to intimidate him into following a cowardly course. When he saw wrong principles being acted upon, he did not stand by as an onlooker and by his silence give consent.Pastor Dan Shafer, Speaker/DirectorHighway for the Remnant Ministries