From Amish to Adventist

September 2, 2014 highwayadmin

Amish Family BaptizedPastor Shafer was so blessed to have the honor of baptizing a beautiful Amish family into the historic Seventh-day Adventist faith in Croton, Ohio. The parents were baptized and 7 beautiful children were dedicated to the Lord on Sabbath. A Second Amish family was in attendance at the blessed event as they are also studying and preparing for baptism into the Lord’s remnant faith. These dear ones have been receiving Pastor Shafer’s monthly DCs for a couple of years and received studies from a close SDA neighbor. They have embraced and accepted the full 3 Angel’s Messages and the Spirit of Prophecy in their entirety. Please pray that they will be a witness and shining light among others in their families and communities. Please pray for both of these beautiful families as they face many challenges and barriers among their own culture as they will surely be shunned and ostracized by their families and communities.

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